Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Connectivism and Social Learning in Practice

Different learning theories can be applied in a classroom setting to maximize learning taking place between teacher and student. Throughout this week of my master’s level coursework we looked at cooperative learning as an instructional strategy and how it relates to social learning theories. “Cooperative learning focuses on having students interact with each other in groups in ways that enhance their learning” (Pitler, H., Hubbell, E., Kuhn, M., & Malenoski, K. 2007). Ways in which to do this while tying in technology include social and professional networks such as blogs, podcats, wikis, personal spaces, read write pages and other student friendly and appropriate forms of communication.

One specific tool I familiarized myself with this week was that of Voice Thread. Voice Thread allows students to upload images and then interact with them. (Laureate 2009) By doing this they can collaborate with students inside their classroom to create projects that are centered around any kind of curriculum. However, they are not limited to collaborating with only students in their room, but also can receive feedback information from students outside of their building and even across the world. Voice Thread can be used in both creative and logical endeavors to enhance the educational process of students of all ages. Using multimedia such as this connects students on a global level and maximizes cooperative learning.

Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). 2009. Spotlight on Technology.[Motion picture]. Bridging Learning Theory, Instruction, and Technology. Baltimore: Author

Pitler, H., Hubbell, E., Kuhn, M., & Malenoski, K. (2007). Using technology with classroom instruction that works. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.


  1. After creating my own voice thread, I discovered that they can be monitored and you can block messages that you do not like or feel are inappropriate. For this reason, I believe this is another effective tool that can help all students learn and adapt proper technological uses online. I only wish there were safe social networking sights for them.

  2. Wlteachtalk,
    I did see this option as well, but I agree with you that it can be very difficult to filter everything my students see when we enter the computer lab and begin an assignment.

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