Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Improving upon The National Educational Technology Standards in my classroom

For my current master’s course titled Integrating Technology Across the Content Areas, I am looking at The National Educational Technology Standards. Using these standards teachers “design, implement,and assess learning experiences to engage students and improve learning; enrich professional practice; and provide positive models for students, colleagues, and the community” (iste.org).
Two indictators that I would like to look at and strengthen in my classroom practices are: # 2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments and # 5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership.
First, I chose indicator #2 because I see this as an area of weakness in my current classroom practices. I know that this can change however because my district recently received a grant through we are receiving some highly advanced equipment to bring our classrooms to the 21st century. This equipment includes personal lap tops, mimios, flip videos and projectors. I am very excited about this! My GAME plan for this indicator is to spend time getting better acquainted with the equipment. I recently attended workshops to understand these tools better, which will benefit my students. Next, I will monitor my progress by how much I am actually using the tools. If I find myself not dedicating time to integrating them into my classroom, I will go back to the basics and start small if it seems too overwhelming. Possibly a good start would be incorporating one slideshow a week into my lessons. Finally for this indicator, I will evaluate my learning by working with a colleague. Getting feedback from someone who is well versed in this area will aide me in gaining insight.
Secondly, I chose indicator #5. Entering into a master’s program has placed me in the right direction towards accomplishing this, but often times I am still timid to reach out to others outside of my district. For my GAME plan for this I would like to team up with another art teacher in another district and create a virtual gallery that our students can share with one another. This will break down the walls of my classroom and help me to develop growth and leadership 21st century style. We could skype to one another and allow our students to share their art work virtually and discuss it. I will monitor my progress by checking in with my students and finding out if they like what we are doing. Feedback from them will be my greatest source of evaluation as well.

The National Educational Technology Standards go above and beyond the standards I try to meet each day in the realm of art. However they creatively tie in my content area with 21st century skills challenging me to be a better teacher. Improving on these two indicators will help me to get there.



  1. Hi, Robyn. When reading your blog, I felt like I was reading something I could have posted myself! I relate to so many of your points. My school has also recently received a technology grant. I do not know how they plan on spending the money, but my concern is whether or not they intend to put money aside to train the staff on this new equipment. It seems like we have so much "stuff" in my building that very few people know how to actually use, making this equipment really a wasted purchase. I am glad to hear that you were provided with training to get you comfortable using the technology.

    Through my Walden courses, I have learned so many new, innovative ways to incorporate technology in my classroom. While it is wonderful, I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed at times as far as where to even begin. To take your own advice, I think I will take baby steps and start implementing one thing at a time as to prevent stressing out too much! As we all know, a stressed teacher is really useless in the classrooom.

    I think you have set some realistic and valid goals for yourself, goals that I, myself, share. Thanks for sharing your GAME plan with us.

    ~Jennifer R.

  2. Jennifer,
    Thanks for the positive comments. I wish you luck with the purchases your district will be making with the grant money. I do also hope you receive some training. Each piece we have bought has endless possibilities. I feel as though it will take me years to learn it all, but I feel privileged and optimistic.

  3. A neat blog that I subscribe to is http://www.educationtechnologyblog.com/ that always has neat ideas and suggestions for new technology. Perhaps it could be a good starting point for you to begin using technology now that you are getting it. I have taken ideas from this blog as well as simply checked it to keep myself updated on what is available to me that I had no idea about.

  4. Casey,

    Wow! I think I might start follwing this one too! I really liked the section on portflios through google. I could make use of this with my high school art students.


  5. Robyn,
    I, too, want to help others in my school integrate technology and help enrich the lives of students. One way I have taken on this task is by offering small workshops where I show some things I have done in class and some student work. I also have done one workshop where I show other teachers how to get started since there is a lot of information out there. This Walden course has weeded out a lot of the bad technology out there and I can convey some of the most effective strategies to not overwhelm a teacher who is willing to adapt. What kind of methods will you employ to advocate for the integration of technology?