Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Evaluating my GAME plan

I am developing the end portion of my GAME plan. The two indicators that I would like to look at and strengthen in my classroom practices are: # 2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments and # 5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership.

This week I am looking at letter “E” of my GAME plan which stands for evaluating. The actions that I took previously to meet my goals need to be looked at objectively to see if I am making adequate progress.

Action steps that I monitored this week in accordance with goal #2 was to design digital learning experiences. This ran closely hand-in-hand with goal #5, to grow professionally. I challenged myself to start putting into practice the benchmarks my school committee has set for our building when it comes to the integration of technology. It is Tuesday, and already I have used technology for two different grade levels this week. Furthermore, I have been able to spark the interest of my colleagues by emailing them the link of a Prezi that I made for my fifth graders. I found www.prezi.com (through another masters course) which allowed me to grow professionally in the world of technology by creating a presentation about artist Wayne Theibaud that my fifth graders are studying. I was able to include pieces of his art, biographical text about his life and even a youtube clip of him working in his studio that I found online. The interaction that took place between my students when I was able to project my Theibaud prezi was magical. Simultaneously, many teachers asked me how I created my prezi and to stop by their rooms after school and give them some pointers. If you have not tried this program, check it out!

With all this said, I believe that I can evaluate myself with high regards this week. I feel I am setting obtainable actions steps and sticking by them for the betterment of myself and my children.

Robyn Peterson

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  1. Robyn,

    Thanks for sharing the Prezi link! I checked it out and it looks really cool! I am going to plan a presentation using it in the near future. I think my students could really enjoy working with this tool. Now for the real challenge... will it be blocked by my Internet filter? Our filter at school is so extremely strict, I cannot access voicethreads, wikis, or blogs, (needless to say I can never do any Walden work there) so I hope to have better luck with this one! Thanks again!


  2. Jennifer,

    Wow. I am shocked by what you are dealing with at your school. I understand that filters are necessary, but that is extreme. You are getting your degree in integrating technology into the classroom and ironcially technology is keeping you from integrating it! I love Prezi and finally got my classroom blog up and running also. It is coming along great. (http://facaartroom.blogspot.com/) It is amazing to see everything I have learned over this past year finally coming together and being utilized at once. I feel so excited about teaching again!


  3. Robyn,

    I think you are working hard on meeting your goals with incorporating digital experiences and growing professionally but I am curious how you are incorporating the assessment portion of your GAME plan? Could you provide some examples how you are doing this or planning to?


  4. Joel,

    The assessment part is coming to me slower in the process. At this point I have relied on alot of reflection which is what was discussed in this week's resources. I loved Jennifer's idea in our class discussion about how I could assess student's learning by having them keep a journal. We already have art sketchbooks so this would fit in nicely. To make it more technology oriented, we could add to our class blog and do it that way (http://facaartroom.blogspot.com/).


  5. Robyn,
    Thank you for sharing the Prezi link. It always fun to learn about a new way to present material! Learning about new technology tools promotes better technology integration as it allows teachers to choose tools based on a best fit, rather then just choosing technology tools for the sake of doing something different.

  6. Robyn,
    I was intrigued by your prezi link and I think I have a similar site that I use. It is called glogster and it is great for creating essentially online posters and doing typesetting for students. That is great that you were able to help some of your colleagues with this type of classroom creations. It is a cool feeling being able to share with professional adults and that they value your input. Great work and keep it up. We are almost there!